HTML Checkboxes should keep state when clicked

What is going on?

I use HTML Checkboxes for tracking items with multiple steps all on one line. I do this for both tasks and while playing D&D to track thing like spell slots. Whenever I click an HTML check box it will change states to checked or unchecked. However, once the note is closed that state will disappear. I have narrowed this down to an issue where obsidian does not keep the change of the checkbox adding the modifier checked to the note after you check an html checkbox.

What is an HTML Checkbox?

An html checkbox is an alternative to the normal - [ ] checkbox, the biggest difference being you can have as many of them as you want on one line. The syntax for an html checkbox is <input type="checkbox"> to get a checked checkbox it is <input type="checkbox" checked>.

What should happen

Obsidian should keep the state change of the checkbox. This would allow for much cleaner notes and a smoother experience. It would also prevent from unwanted data loss. I do not see a downside to adding this feature as it does not take away from anything or remove any core behaviors. I think it would be a useful addition that could benefit quite a few people.

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