Howto safely obsidian-sync settings to new device?

This is not the first time I had issues with syncing settings between devices. How can this be avoided? I didn’t find a proper description in the obsidian-sync docu.

What I’m trying to do

I share a vault via obsidian-sync on two Macs and Android. I wanted to enable syncing of all settings as well on Android, ie community plugins/installed/active. Vault was already synced and made sure to restart the vault(s).

Things I have tried

  1. Mac already has syncing of everything enabled since forever

  2. Disabled sync on Mac

  3. Enabled sync for all settings/plugins on Android and waited till it said “Fully synced”

  4. Restarted vault on Android

    => Plugins were successfully installed on Andoird, but not enabled, although I ticked “Active plugin list”

  5. Enabled sync again on Mac

    => All community plugins suddenly disabled as well

  6. Re-activated community plugins on Mac

    => All hotkeys I set on the Mac are lost
    => Couldn’t enable “Commander” plugin (main.js file deleted or something), had to reinstall it
    => All commander settings lost
    => Tried to search for the commander settings in the sync history, but it’s not there, only an older version

  7. Restarted Android vault

    => still, not all my community plugins are activated like on the Mac?


Correction: I was able to restore the commander settings and hotkeys from history - was looking at the wrong file.

So my only question is: could I have avoided these troubles somehow?

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