HOWTO: OsX & Windows 10 Obsidian with Cryptomator @ Dropbox

Goal: To use Obsidian on both Windows10 & OsX using the same Vault that is securely encrypted on a shared Cloud drive between Windows & OsX.

Please note, I do not think you should try to use this Simultaneously!

After some struggling I can confirm that the following setup works.

  1. Using [email protected] on a Cryptomator encrypted Vault stored on dropbox
  2. Using the same encrypted Vault on Dropbox on a Windows 10 machine…

However there is one pitfall to check to make Obsidian work on Windows 10 with a Cryptomator Vault that is the Filesystem you use inside the Cryptomator Vault.
See picture below. If you have this correct configured than you’re totally independent on what Os you’re starting your Obsidian inside an encrypted Vault.


PS One draw back of the encryption is that I’ve found so far is that using Cryptomator on a mobile device is not as simple as “just in place edit a file”. You need to copy the file to your editor edit it there and then copy it back into the encrypted Vault.
But it’s worth since I am not to fond on being profiled by any comercial party… (and just hope they not stealing your Vault as soon as you decrypt it on your mobile :wink:

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