Howto open several files at a time

Hello together,
how do I proceed, if I want to collect all files that address a specific topic, in an index file?

  1. There could be a keyword in the file name. Using file search I get - let’s say - 20 files, 10 of which are relevant. How do I copy/transfer these 10 filenames?
  2. I work with hashtags. Can I somehow (hotkey / shortcut) transfer all file names in which a hashtag occurs into an index file?

Clarity request: Are you saying you just want the file names of the ten searched for tagged files to be added to a new file in a list or with links to those files?

If its only that, you could use a simple dataview script:

from “”
where contains(file.tags, “my tag”)
sort title asc

Well, the idea was that there could be not only a file graph with the self-created links, but also a graph display of all files that contain certain hashtags. Even better, of course, is a list within a file, e.g. using Dataview. So a big thank you for your example.
Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Dataview.
Could you expand your example so that all existing files (*.md) are searched for, for example, the hashtag ‘#Growth’? Thanks.

Found a simple solution myself :smiley: :

FROM #Wachstum 
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