Howto move LINK to X from note A to note B

There is a simpler method for moving a (link to X) from father note A to father note B ?
E.G.: I have a note A with active projects. When project X is finished, I want to move him to note B, with archived projects. Now, I must:
1. cut this link (X) from note A,
2. find and open note B
3. paste X in B

What I’m trying to do

I guess the following will help.

Please read the part about extract.
And the workflow now is:

  1. enable the note composer plugin
  2. in note A, you select the link text, including [[ and ]]
  3. right click the mouse or call the command pane
  4. choose “extract current selection” or “Note composer: Extract Current Selection”
  5. type and/or choose note B in the pop-up window and press enter

now in note A, the selected text(the link) is replaced with a link pointing to note B. you can delete it later.

Meanwhile, in note B, at the bottom of the note, an empty line and the selected text(the link) from note A is appended.

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Thank you! It worked, on mobile too.

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