HowTo combine text-highlighting and text-formatting?

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Hello all,
I do know that I can combine text formatting like bold and italic. I would like to be able to combine formatted text with highlighted text. Using “Highlightr” as a good and convenient plugin does perfectly highlight what I want. But just this. No additonal formatting possible… as far as I could figure out!??
Reading here in the forum makes me think this could be something where “CSS-stylesheets” come into use… But I do not know how.
Could someone please point me into the right direction?
Thank you

If you don’t need more than 1 highlight color, you can combine the default highlight syntax with the others ==***like this***==.

If I understand Highlightr right, you can use HTML instead of Markdown, <mark><strong><em>like this</em></strong></mark>.

  • <em> is “emphasis”, rendered in italics by default (this is what a single asterisk/underscore means in Markdown, tho often people just call it italic).
  • <strong> is “strong emphasis”, rendered in bold by default.
  • If you’re formatting a title or a work, the proper tag is <cite>. It’s normally rendered in italic but you can make a CSS snippet to change that (you can change the others, too).
  • If your bold italics don’t mean any of those things (for example, marking the names of participants in an interview), use <i> and <b> which used to mean “italic” and “bold” but are now just ways to indicate text that stands out for some reason (they render as italic and bold by default).

This helps and solves the issue! Thanks a lot.

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