How would you go about adding tags to many notes?

I have a lot of imported notes from another app and these notes have incomplete frontmatter. I’d like to add tags to the YAML frontmatter of these notes.

So I’m looking for a solution to quickly go through these notes and add tags.

The best solution I have worked out so far is to use Database Folder (plugin) to display a table of all untagged Notes and add the tags in this table. However, it is difficult to go through the table quickly (operating only via keyboard).

Is there an easier/better solution?

One more question: Database Folder is often mentioned as an alternative to Dataview. However, in Dataview I can’t manipulate fields, only retrieve them, or am I wrong?

Edit: For clarification: I need to decide for each note which tags to add, so I’m not looking for an automated solution but for one that allows to add tags quickly ideally with some auto complete function to choose from my existing pool of tags.

I use the Various Complements plugin, and so if I’m in the frontmatter dealing with tags, it provides autocomplete dropdowns.

In a DQL query (in Dataview) you can’t change fields, but through javascript you can do so within DataviewJS scripts. It’s not for the faint of heart though, and it comes with its own caveats. So for most users, I would say that you could think of Dataview mostly for retrieval of fields.

Sure, it’s a must have plugin for me, but I’d like to avoid opening every single note.

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