How to zoom the app back in

Things I have tried

‘CRTL’ + ‘+’ and similar commands and they don’t work

What I’m trying to do

I have no clue what I did, I remember trying to add an underline and somehow, I managed to zoom the entire app out. Tried to undo it and instead of SHIFT -, tried SHIFT + and it did not work. So, not only font, but the entire app is super tiny, ribbons, everything. Can’t see the settings at all. Also tried re-installing the app, doesn’t work.
Anyone, help? :slight_smile:

You can reset the font size with Ctrl + 0

Hi, I had the same problem occurring to me multiple times, for some reason the default hotkeys for zooming in, out, and resetting don’t work when using my custom keyboard layout.

Resetting my layout to the native one seems to fix zooming in and out. The reset button (CTRL+0) has never worked for me. Anyway, to make sure it never happens again, you can disable the Quick Font Adjustment feature in the settings menu.

Also give this plugin a try: GitHub - luckman212/obsidian-reset-font-size: Plugin for Obsidian that adds shortcuts for resetting the font size (zoom level).

After enabling the plugin, assign a hotkey of your liking to the available command. Then if for some reason it happens again. You have a button to push! :wink:

Hope it helps!

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