How to write chemical formulas?

I recently introduced my daughter to Obsidian as a tool for note-taking in school. And now she needs to write chemical formulas, and I’ve no idea on how to do that. After some searching, I’ve installed the Mathjax extension. But none of the markup variations I try gets displayed as formulas, but only as-is.

Where do we start?

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I found this. See if it help you

@bryan.jenks has a useful intro video to mathjax

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Typical: I think I already tried just what that page suggest. But this time, it works. Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Edit: No, for some reason I had tried with § instead of $.)

I think there are errors on some of the code they provided.
I tried and delete some of the $ sign within the formula (just keep the $ sign at the start and end of the formula), and it work again.