How to view note properties without leaving canvas

What I’m trying to do

For example, using properties, I add a source field of property type list, then compile a list of links to source notes. These are important links that I would like to access from a note card in canvas. I am trying to figure out a way to see these links without leaving canvas. Note: If you double click into the note card to edit within canvas, you can see the properties, but the links are not live. In some ways, I would actually prefer the properties be hidden in this context.

Things I have tried

I searched the forum, and found some relevant information but no useful solutions. I am considering making a feature request to allow for Page preview to have an option for showing properties. I am also considering making a feature request for page previews to be accessible from canvas via a ctrl hover over the card title. This way I would have easy access to these link lists via a ctrl hover, while not polluting all canvas cards with properties.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. With the Obsidian roadmap suggesting a Databases core plugin, and a shift away from inline fields, I am trying to steer clear of that possible workaround. I also would prefer to let my notes continue to look clean in canvas and in preview mode.


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Hi @I-d-as ,
what about create separate md file with dataview table, where you can create table of every properties used in any file as you need and then link this file in canvas?
If you hover that link, you’ll see all clickable links in preview window.
not tested but i think it may works

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