How to use the Day Planner plugin?

I have recently picked up the amazing Day Planner plug in and I love it. Although I am still not 100% sure how to use it. Is there any formal documentation or any user that could give me tips? For example:

  • I don’t get how time tracking works
  • How to create new Sections
  • What are section breaks (are they time breaks or dividers?)

Thanks in advanced!

Have you looked at the description of the plugin itself? It’s in the GitHub repo and also on its community plugin page.

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So I have been having issues while working with the command mode for this plugin. In the documentation it says that you can place the day planner in any note while in command mode and the section of the “Day Planner” will be tracked and shown in the timeline for that note. However this has not worked for me.

I created a brand new vault without any plugins apart from the core setup and the day planner plugin. Yet the command mode does not work. The file mode works as expected. I am not sure what is the right procedure to get command mode working. @J_L prolly can throw some light on it.


I have been loving day planner and I think I have it basically figured out EXCEPT I don’t understand where the template for the page is stored?

Currently when I use activate the day planner in my daily note I get this at the top of the page but I want to edit that and add my own.

Day Planner

  • [ ]

I’ve looked into the hidden .obsidian folder in the vault and under plugins but I don’t see the template so I’m deleting the above lines and have a shortcut tied to Alfred snipped. But I would like to know if I can edit the template if that is possible?



@cwdaniels I found it on line 42 in the main.js in [vault]/.obsidian/plugins/obsidian-day-planner. I am not sure what would be gained by hacking this file though. What would be really helpful is if you could call a template from the template folder. Having to drill down to make a change or reenstate values after each update isn’t good practice is it? Add also change the format for the file names. But I am being greedy . . . .


I just have a template in my templater file, doesn’t that solve the problem?

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My Day Planner plugin has gone haywire, and I can’t seem to stop it, or uninstall it. I moved my main vault to Obsidian for use with mobile, and it keeps generating new Day Planner pages in a folder in the old location. I’ve turned it off, deleted it, deleted the .obsidian file, and still it generates copies like the sorcerer’s apprentice everytime I delete the notes it generates. Do I need to delete Obsidian program and re-download?

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There is a pull request in review with a plugin setting for the template content.

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Not sure if you meant you had deleted the plugin file or folder when you said you had deleted the “.obsidian file”. I’ve given some steps to fully delete the plugin on the Github issue.

The plugin may still be running with newly created files being synced via Obsidian Sync or a file sync service you are using. Day Planner will also run on mobile so perhaps you copied the plugin to the new vault when you were setting up mobile.

It works fine to do it that way, was just hoping to remove a couple steps. I would like it if when I entered the planner on a daily note the template populated automatically and that we had control over it.

Hi there, reactivating the subject because i have the same problem as linbynd up above.
I can’t get the Day Planner to add itself in the current note from the command palette. It also won’t create a template within the current note, but it will open the automathically created Daily Planner note.
As a noob and a non-ingeneer / non-coder / from literary background, i found that my problems usually come from subtil typographic issues (usually a space…) that i don’t detect straight away. But right now i don’t seem to figure it out.

Should i do something so the pluggin don’t automathicaly create a day planner file ?
Should i unlink within the day planner file ?

i can use it as it is but i’d like to save myself the step of navigating within sevaral notes for my daily organization…
Thanks in advance !

Hey @cwdaniels did you ever find a solution for this? On another dayplanner plugin it drew from a file that was easily updatable so I’m wondering if Day Planner also has the functionality you outlined?

Looks like Day Planner hasn’t been updated since last December, so it might be falling out of compatibility with the latest Obsidian updates. Which would be a bummer, since it looks like an amazing plugin!

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Obsidian day planner- how to insert personal template


Just wondering if it was possible to do the following:

  • if using day planner in command mode and linking it to a daily note, is there any way to get the mermaid gantt working. It doesn’t seem to be working using this mode.
  • also, my timeline is not changing colors to match the theme. How do I do this?


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as with @cwdaniels, I’ve been having issues with the template.
So I have overridden it and edited the main.js file to modify both the default filename and content. So of course the template is redundant.

I’d be glad to hear of a way to reinstate templates and have the ability to change default settings, i.e. filenames.

Has there been any new knowledge found on how to achieve this yet? It would be so nice to be able to customize and automize Day Planner templates.

It seems the creator of Day Planner has moved on. The plugin hasn’t been updated in a year now, and apparently 0.15 breaks it completely. Unless a miracle occurs, I suspect we’ve seen the last of Day Planner. It would be great to see someone else take up the torch and create something similar.

Sad. It’s not working in 0.14 now either.

Well that explains why I can’t get it to work. I have 0.15. The command-p won’t insert anything.

The Obsidian folks should remove it from the community plugins (or any plugin that’s not kept up). Otherwise people will just see it in the online discussions and think it will work just fine, when it’s permanently broken.

Are there alternatives?

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