How to use templates?

I’m trying to create a “Templates” folder next to my vaults. I’ve tried:

  • “Templates”,
  • “Templates/”,
  • “../Templates”,
  • “./Templates”,
  • “\\servername\ObsidianFolder\Templates”

to no avail. All of them give me the error Failed to list templates. Folder X not found.

My folder structure is

–| Vault1
–| Vault2
–| Templates

Set Up:

  • Obsidian 0.8.15
  • Templates plugin is on
  • Win10 x64

I believe your templates folder must be inside the vault. That means each vault needs its own templates folder, even if the templates are the same.

Alternatively, you could try creating symlinks to a single templates folder (like in your current structure) but I’m not sure it will work with Obsidian. I’m on a Mac, so I can’t test that for you.

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That is correct! Obsidian will only be able to see the files within your vault. Unfortunately, I don’t think symlinking is supported.

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Well, that’s no fun. I don’t want to have copy the templates folder into all my vaults. Seems a bit silly. I wish it could be higher level :frowning:

It works now that I put it inside the vault. Thanks.

(This can be moved to resolved.)

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