How to use plugins in a note

Hello, I’m French. I don’t understand how you can include plugins in a note once they’ve been installed, of course.
Can anyone tell me how to do this?
Thank you for your answers.

did you enable you plugins after download?
If not, just enable them in Options

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, they are all activated.
But my question is about :

  • when I’ve opened a note, how do I get the plugin to work or get it to work.
    Example: Emoji Toolbar?

About Emoji Toolbar:

If you don’t configure hotkey for Emoji Toolbar, you have two choices:

  1. CONFIGURE: Open configuration settings⚙->Options->Hotkeys and there in filter you can type: Emoji Toolbar

    Just set up the shortcut and you can use it in the notes.
  2. WITHOUT CONFIGURING: In note press Ctrl + P and type: EmojiToolbar - after you find it (it is only one), press it.

OK…thanks for EmojiToolbar. I guess for other PLUGINS …it’s the same…I’m looking at this.

Plugins : Advanced Slides - Advanced Tables- Cheklist- Dataview- Full Calendar- Home tab- Kanban- Map of Content- Outliner-Recent File - Supercharged LInks-

If you go to the github page for each of those plugins, there will most likely be instructions on how to use it.

This repository link is available from Settings > Community plugins > “plugin name”. Often this page will also give you the basics on how to get started.

Update: Moved to #get-help since this isn’t an idea for a new plugin.

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