How to use password and css

  1. is it possible to put a password on a note or folder in obsidian ?
    or maybe in some other way to obstruct access ?
  2. how to use snippets, after I activated them in the menu and inserted them into a note

cssclass: dashboard

what else should be done to make beautiful icons appear , etc ?
I try to use this snippet for homepage DashboardPlusPlus/.obsidian/snippets at master · TfTHacker/DashboardPlusPlus · GitHub

Password protecting notes would be done with a plugin currently . This one shows up in a quick search. There may be more.

For CSS snippets, the steps are here:

For next time, it’s best to stick to one question or issue per post to keep things on track. Thanks! :railway_track:

regarding css snippets, I still did not understand how to use them, what should I write in the body of the note to make css work?

ok that’s reasonable

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Have a look at the CSS snippets link above. You don’t write the CSS in the body of a note; you create a .css file and put the CSS snippet(s) in there that then affect the style of your note, the Obsidian interface, etc.

I still don’t understand what I should write in the body of the note?
If I take the css from the example

body {
  --text-normal: red;

what should I call in the body of the note to get red text?

If you enabled that snippet in the default theme, anything with the variable of --text-normal would turn red (which includes regular note text and a bunch of other stuff). Probably don’t want to do that. :astonished:

yes your example works without any code in note, it works for all interface
but I need to run my css from link above

for example in css file I have

.dashboard {
    padding-left: 25px !important;
    padding-right: 25px !important;
    padding-top: 20px !important;

How can I call this code in the body of the note ?

Can you explain what you are trying to do?

I’m trying to run the css in the body of the note from the example above. There are two css files I added them to the obsidian
Here’s a screenshot

But I can’t understand how I should call them in the body of the note ?

Looking at the third css file in your image, maybe you are trying to change the readable line length of the editor? You can use either of these with the default theme:

body {
    --file-line-width: 60rem; 
    /*--file-line-width: 900px; /* default is 700px */ 

The steps to set up the Dashboard are all in the medium link here:

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