How to use Full Calendar (or alternative) to manage "inline" tasks

What I’m trying to do

Hello! I want to have something like the Full Calendar but for “inline” tasks like this:

  • #epic this is an epic task [scheduled:: 2023-11-22 ]

and not only for individual notes. It seems that Full Calendar needs these individual creation of notes to manage tasks. (Each note is an event or task).

So, basically I want something like full calendar but for Obsidian-Task style. So I can edit schedule dates, deadlines, etc… from the calendar view.

Things I have tried

I found this nice snippet by 702573N that displays the tasks in a Calendar view. However since it is a (very useful) dataview snippet it has limitations in comparison with the Full Calendar plugin features. Hence, my questions are:

  1. Is there any way to use the Full Calendar plugin with the Obsidian-Task /dataview tasks → - #epic this is an epic task [scheduled:: 2023-11-22 ]

  2. If not, what are the alternatives if any? Obsidian-Task does not provide this view.

Thank you!

Ok, I think Day Planner is the closest think we currently have. But I think it only works on specific notes in the vault.

Is there any way to make Day planner show in the calendar view ALL the scheduled tasks in the vault?

If someone is interested, here is the solution

You can retrieve and create tasks in several formats (Dataview, Tasks plugin emojis, Full Calendar task-events…). You can even drag and drop tasks across the week view!

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