How to use daily notes when you have multiple vaults?

This came up on the Mac Power Users forum and it seems like a good discussion to bring here:

Daily notes are a pillar of my Obsidian usage. I use them as a “have done” list, and to mark notable events of the day.

If I complete a milestone on a project, I like to link to the index page of the project from the Daily Note. Even better, I like to link to a block in that project index page where I’ve noted the milestone.

To do that, I’ve kept all my notes in a single vault. Is there some way I can accomplish the same result while using multiple vaults? Some method of cross-vault linking, or a workaround?

Anybody else using Daily Notes with multiple vaults? How do you structure that?

Well, if you’re going for multiple vaults (which btw I don’t know why you are, you could just create a project folder in the same vault), then I’d recommend making a “have done” list in the main vault but not linking the things in the other vault.
I don’t think cross-vault linking would ever work or be added in Obsidian, so a single vault is the way to go

Hi, you can make links between vaults using the protocol.


you can check this link with right button, ‘Copy obsidian link’


Yeah, it occurs to me now that folders rather than vaults is the way to go.

After literally decades of fiddling around with note-taking and document-management apps that use their own information stores, I need to remind myself that Obsidian is just a bunch of documents, mainly plain text, in folders.

This doesn’t seem to work for me. Maybe because I called my 2nd vault Obsidian! new [Obsidian vault](obsidian://open?vault=Obsidian&file=Obsidian) I’m on Windows