How to use custom CSS to modify Mermaid gantt chart from Daily Planner plugin?


I am very new to Obsidian, and I have just begun playing around with James Lynch’s Day Planner plugin.

I have successfully edited CSS for other parts of Obsidian, but I cannot seem to edit the styling for the Mermaid gantt charts generated by Day Planner. I’ve looked at the Day Planner Readme and tried to use the example css provided here as a CSS snippet, but it just does…nothing. I’ve also included these snippets directly in the theme I use, but still no luck.

I’ve also read about Mermaid styling, but A) I don’t quite understand it and B) it seems to relate to inline styling more than what I’m trying to do. And I cannot find anything in the forums or on GitHub to help.

I would like to simply change the font color of the tasks listed in the timeline because right now, with the theme I use, the text is too dark to read.

Can anyone help me figure out what to do?

Thank you,


Same issue here.