How to use css snipets to hide the attachments folder

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I checked this thread The ability to hide the folder with attachments and I want to apply this great feature. The point is that I have no clue how to use this css snipet

Things I have tried

I have uset ctrl+shift+I to acces the console and paste that code there, but I’m not managing, and have no clue how it works.

You need to create a css file with the wanted code, place it in the right folder and activate it. Step by step:

  1. Open a plain text editor app (e.g. in Windows you can use Notepad, in Mac TextEdit), place your code there and save file as a *.css file (e.g. mycsssnippet.css)
  2. In Obsidian go to Settings > Appearance and in “CSS snippets” click in the folder icon in the right side of the pane.
  3. A new window opens up with the location of the folder where you should put all the snippets you want to add to that particular vault.
  4. Move your css file to that folder.
  5. Return to Obsidian Settings > Appearance > CSS snippets and click in the refresh icon on the left of the folder icon.
  6. Your snippet appears in the list below and you need to activate it in the toggle button in the right side.
  7. Now you have created your first customization.
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