How to update community themes?

I depend on community themes. Sometimes switching between some of them.

So the question is, how to know if community themes had been updated by their developers and then update them into the local copy?


Looking for an answer for this as well. There’s an update button for the plugins but not for themes.

If I understood correctly, what you have to do to update a theme is go to Communty themes and click on the theme you want and click “Use” even if you arlready are using it.

This will download the actual code of the theme creator.

Although I do like the idea of having an extra button or something to know if there are available update (changes that the creator has made) so that it’s easier for the user to know if they want to update the theme.

Personally my 2 themes I’ve created “Reverie” and “Wasp” have a little message at the top saying when was the last update I’ve made.

In my case for my themes, this is a comment in the code of the theme which can be seen in the folder .obsidian > themes > name of theme example: Wasp.css

.obsidian = this is a hidden folder, in your vault, you can see if from your finder/file explorer with a shortcut, just google what’s the shortcut to reveal hidden files in your Operating system)

Hope that helps!


@santi is right—you’ve gotta go back into the Community Themes view and re-download it. It’s a little troublesome but themes shouldn’t change too often.