How to turn transclusions into just-plain-text?

Things I have tried

I have a line in multiple files that says

  • SIP: “blah1”

where “blah1” stands for different text recorded on that line on different days.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to gather all the SIP lines in one file, not as transclusions but as just simple text.

So I built a query:

line: (SIP)

and I included it in a new file called “” When I rendered, I got a nice page of results -The name of each file that had the word “SIP” and under that name, each of the lines in that file that had “SIP”. The query worked well.

But alas they are there as transclusions. I want to be able to save this result as a file of markdown or just-plain-text so I can export it for other uses in other programs. Is there a way to do this?

The concatenation plugin from @EleanorKonik does that for headings.

For other queries you’d need to do that as a plugin/Templater script or a script which works on the markdown files. There might be other ways I don’t know about.

cc @roberthaisfield, I think this is similar to what you’d also like to do.


I think @smurfman111 is working on something for this.

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