How-to? Turn off tabs entirely in V1.0?

Things I have tried

I have looked through all of the options and settings in the new UI for V1.0. I do not see where the entire tabs concept can be turned off.

What I’m trying to do

I tried the tabs UI before (right after I started using Obsidian in June). I didn’t like it. I uninstalled it.

How do I completely disable all things tabs?


I don’t think there’s a native setting for tabs (it’s not a core plugin), but you can hide them with this community plugin: GitHub - kepano/obsidian-hider: Hide Obsidian UI elements such as tooltips, status, titlebar and more

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But does that restore the original (non-tabbed) UI/UX? or are we stuck with the Tabbed UI/UX malarkey for the indefinite future?

  1. I don’t think most would call it malarkey, Mr Biden
  2. have you considered trying the suggestion to see if it does what you want?

Hi there, how do I turn off tab view? Thank you!

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in this thread

I’m not a fan of these tabs either. My workflow was solid, we shouldn’t have to rely on a plugin to use the old version. Also, next time there is an update, please don’t overwrite my hotkeys, that’s just rude.


The same way you opened a new stand-alone window before; Ctrl+Click / Enter. Gives you a single tab window making it the same as the previous non-tab window. Just because it allows tabs does not mean it is required. Since there is no stacking when in a single tab window using the new drop down arrow in the top right corner of each window will allow a shift of the title bar from horizonal to vertical in each window if that is of interest as well.

You can still use windows and pane splits exactly as before, no functionality has been removed with the addition of tabs. Don’t like them? Don’t use them.

And obsidian didn’t write over everyone’s shortcuts, so maybe yours was some edge case or a plug-in conflict? No idea since you didn’t provide any details.

This is distinctly untrue.

Before I could open a note and easily get both the editing view and reading view side-by-side with a click. Now I have to change two tabs to make them line up. Can I sink tab-switch between splits?

And I think they’re referring to the fact that some default hotkeys changed, one’s they’d got used to. So, yes, it changed everyone’s shortcuts.


I found this video very helpful to grasp the new functionality: Tabs in Obsidian (new in v1.0) - YouTube

I very much doubt everyone had specialized the exact new default shortcuts, so no. The update did not overwrite everyone’s shortcuts. This thread has lost its mooring.

You can use splits or panes just as before put one in reading view one in source view and link them. No functionality has been removed.

@pmbauer it’s in the release notes. The hotkeys to open new tabs, and the hotkeys for tasks have been automatically changed.

People are in this thread discussing their trouble with the new features. Please let them.


I know that. Thanks.
The topic was turning off the tab bar. I think a solution could be marked for that as it’s been answered. :person_shrugging:

In so far as switching back to a pure panes view not being possible, and no - single tab panes are not the same, yes this topic can be closed.

I would like to be able to open a note in a new pane. Is there a hotkey for that, rather than clicking and dragging the tab to a new pane?

What I used to do was just pin my current note, and then any notes I opened after that would open in a new pane. I’m not sure how to simulate this same behavior with just my keyboard.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Ctrl/cmd-alt-click it is in the release notes.

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