How to turn everything to list in Obsidian?

Things I have tried

Hi I have come from Roam, so I wanna see everything in blocks in Obsidian. It there any way to convert all the notes in block mode.
I can do " - " to make a block, but I want my whole graph to show every line in block format. Can we do that in Obsidian

What I’m trying to do

Have you searched the forum? Numerous people have moved from Roam to Obsidian, or asked about doing so.

Obsidian and Roam use different terms. In Obsidian,

A “block” can be a paragraph, a blockquote, a list item, etc. In general, anything that has empty lines before and after is a block.

Link to blocks - Obsidian Help

If I understand you right, I think by “I want my whole graph to show every line in block format”, you mean you want every line of every note in your vault to be a list item (Graph view - Obsidian Help). Doing "- " makes a list item (a series of those lines is a list;).

If you’ve already converted your notes from Roam and they aren’t formatted as lists, you can search the forum for a better way to convert, or you can use an external editor to replace the beginning of every line with "- " (you’ll need to account for indentation).

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Ya, you are right, I am looking for the same.

OK, I changed the post title for you.

If you don’t have too many notes, you could also go to each one and

  1. Select everything
  2. Open Command Palette (Ctrl/Cmd+P)
  3. Type “list” and select “Toggle bullet list”.

To add to CawlinTeffid’s answer above: You can set the “Toggle bullet list” command set to a hotkey (via the Hotkeys panel in Settings). That reduces the steps a little bit.
Also, folks who like lists on this forum frequently recommend the community plugins Outliner and Zoom, so I’ll pass that recommendation along.

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