How to trigger validation

Hello all! First time plugin submitter. Made some dumb mistakes already. My most recent one was not having a “main.js” and “manifest.json” attached in their raw form to my GitHub release. I went in and added them to the release, but I don’t know if this is sufficient to trigger the auto-validator to run.

What action triggers the GitHub-Actions bot to perform validation?

My particular pull request is here: Add plugin: Semantic Canvas by aarongilly · Pull Request #3214 · obsidianmd/obsidian-releases · GitHub

This check was done automatically. Do NOT open a new PR for re-validation. Instead, to trigger this check again, make a change to your PR and wait a few minutes, or close and re-open it.

This is found on the bot reply, small text at the end of each message. You can follow this to trigger a new validation.

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