How to transfer Settings/Templates into new Vault

Hi there,

I’m pretty new to obsidian and I Use it particularly for my work. therefore i created some Templates and uses Plugin. Now I want to use all this Settings for my private Vault.
Cpy+Paste doesnt work :smile:

Maybe some of you have good templates or tutorials when you want to Use it for your Work (Checklist and DueDates etc.)

thanks for your help.

What do you mean by “doesn’t work”? Maybe you could describe in some more details what you’ve tried - what exactly did you copy and where did you paste it? You can copy your templates folder into your new vault.

For your settings, there is a hidden folder called .obsidian within every vault which contains all your settings - replace the settings folder of your private vault with the one from your work vault. This should already contain the information in which folder your templates are located. If not, be sure to activate obsidian’s template plugin and, in the plugin’s settings, point to your template folder.

It would have been helpful, however, to read the help docs first - especially if you are new to obsidan. You could have found the relevant information here and here for example.

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I copied the plugins and themes form my desktop to my private obsidian folder with name “.obsidian.” And replaced it , the new folder contains now all the plugins I use like calendar etc. After the synchronization, I restarted Obsidian. But still I cant see the plugins or the themes there.

I have just one Hidden Folder with the name .hidden, which I cant open.

Thanks for your support

You have to replace the complete settings folder. After restarting obsidian, check if the plugins are activated.


Thanks for your answers.

I not sure why but its still not working yet, perhaps I messed up my folders. Thats how my target folder looks like:

And thats how my .obsidian looks like. I paste everythink there. But It still the same.
Maybe you have YT tutorial, what you can recommend?

Thanks for your help!

Is the “Privat Vault” folder your vault or is it just another folder within your vault? The obsidian settings folder has to be within your vault folder, not outside!

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