How to track Job Applications

What do you think is better to track job applications, including resumes PDFs, dates, links etc? Obsidian or Excel/Google Sheets? Why?

Do you expect us to do all the work for you? What do you think, and what do you want out of this? Which aspects are especially important to you, and how do either variant account for that?

We’re not mindreaders, and can’t possibly answer such a vague question without any context or preferences (or effort) from you.

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I’m looking for a job and I want to keep a log of all the job positions I apply for, in the form of a table. Each row represents a job I apply for. What would be the best tool for this, between Obsidian and Excel? (note that both applications store data offline), and why? I’d say Excel would be better because working with tables in Obsidian is really cumbersome: moving columns/rows around, resizing columns, coloring rows, data insertion, user-friendly table view etc. are much simpler and cleaner in Excel.

These are the columns I have in mind:

Application date: the date on which I applied for that job
Answer date: the date on which I get an answer from the company
Time delta: answer date minus application date
Company: self-explanatory
Website: the site where I found the job ad
Job ad link: self-explanatory
Deadline: self-explanatory
Resume: link to the PDF file of the resume I sent for that job
Cover Letter: link to the cover letter PDF file
Job position: self-explanatory
Kind: part-time or full-time job
Posted date: the date on which the job ad was posted
Answer email: link to the response email I get from the company
Status: pending, job interview done, accepted or rejected application

I think the answer you gave yourself – “I’d say Excel would be better” – is a good one.

I never create tables with markdown – never in Obsidian either, for all the reasons you listed. The process of markdown table making is tiresome.

Good luck with your job search.

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Another option (although, admittedly probably not the most efficient):

Create a new note for each job with your listed info on each note.

Also create a note called ‘Job’ (or whatever) and then link to all the new notes there as a central hub.

If you use dataview, you can use inline dataview fields to pull some data onto the ‘Job’ note.



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