How to toggle "Show Inline Title"

Things I have tried

Hi - I searched online, this forum, and help docs and couldn’t find a way to toggle this menu item
Settings > Appearance > Show Inline Title

What I’m trying to do

I would like to toggle this menu item without having to go into preferences every time
Settings > Appearance > Show Inline Title

Is it possible to tie this setting to a hotkey, or toggle it somehow? Thanks

I am not clear why you need this function as a hotkey.
Please explain your need to toggle the inline title on and off? What is your usecase?

Hi - There are times I’d like to just focus on the Body of the note without viewing the Inline Title.

Given the ability to toggle its appearance is buried in the settings, I was hoping there was a workaround to being able to toggle this without delving into the settings.

Thanks for any and all help!

Not sure if it’s quite enough for you, but if you’re running the Minimal theme, there is a command Toggle focus mode, which could be kind of helpful.

Try running that command, and if you’re pleased with what it’s doing, you could assign a hotkey of your own to that command.

While browsing on homepage I found a maybe for you useful plugin called Fullscreen Focus Mode.
Maybe it fits your needs?

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