How to tell Mobile Obsidian vs Obsidian Forum app icons apart?

I’m a new mobile Obsidian user, and had previously installed the Obsidian Forum app on my Android devices. Both apps are named ‘Obsidian’ so I don’t always know which I’m opening.

Things I have tried

I searched the Forum as well as, but didn’t see any posts that seemed related to my question. (I apologize if I missed something.)

My workaround: create shortcut icons (renamed as ‘App’ vs ‘Forum’) using Shortcut Maker app, and separating the shortcuts onto 2 different home screens.

However, the shortcuts don’t replace the default icons on all screens. (So still confused when switching between open apps.)

Any suggestions on a simpler, more complete solution for differentiating?

  • I feel like I’m missing something obvious. ( :woman_facepalming:)
  • I really don’t want to change my device themes and all icons.
  • Is it possible for the Forum app icon to be renamed? (Innocently asked since I have no idea re effort/complexity involved for that.)

Devices: Samsung Galaxy S5e tablet and Samsung Galaxy S20 phone. Both on Android 11, not rooted.


Interesting problem!

On iOS, I use the official app for Discourse fora to access this forum. It seems to be available for Android, too:

Might that work?

Thanks @ryanjamurphy!

I didn’t know about the Discourse app - definitely solves my problem. Much appreciated.

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