How to Take mindmap-like notes?

What I’m trying to do

I absolutely love how the mind map plugin generates graph from my bullet list. Is there any way I can take notes like this directly?

Things I have tried

I’ve used excalidraw and the image emeding works just the way I wanted. But the constant editing and boxes drawing seem a bit redundant. Is there a script or any other plugins?

I use the markmind plugin [free basic version]

that lets one …
edit in either markdown or mindmap mode …

by pressing “Alt + M”.
has drag&drop
mindmap mode: Expand to node level … “Alt + 2” … “Alt + 9”<- all
markdown mode: Fold & Unfold All/Part: hotkeys (e.g. “Alt + LeftArrow” … etc)
One can also use it to get a table representation …

markmind docs

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