How to sync mp3 files?

Things I have tried

I’ve added an mp3 file to my vault’s folder, on different devices, in the hope that it will replicate on other devices. Disappointingly it doesn’t.
I’ve tried it on an iPhone, an iPad, and a Macbook Air Laptop.

I’ve also tried dragging and dropping an mp3 file from the Macbook’s Finder to the Obsidian vault. Again, though the Macbook’s vault now contains the mp3 file, other devices don’t receive the mp3 file. (They replicate any .md files, as usual – but in each case there’s no replicated mp3 file,these .md files to link to).

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to sync mp3 audio files across devices.
Everything syncs fine, except the mp3 audio files themselves – which don’t show up in other devices’ vaults.
Is there a setting I’ve missed?
(I’m paying for the cloud sync service, & this is the first time I’ve had trouble with it).

Settings > Sync > toggle Sync Audio (in the Selective Sync section).


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