How to switch the latest page? Similar to "Ctrl+Tab " in a browser

In Linux there’s “Ctrl + Tab” hot key which works in a browser, and allows one to list the most recent tabs. Is there anything similar in Obsidian?

Hi @sotiroku, you should try the Cycle through Panes community plugin:

  • Ctrl + Tab to switch open Editor/Preview Tabs
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab to switch open Editor/Preview Tabs in reverse order
  • Set hotkey in settings to focus on last active pane

You don’t even need a plugin. If you press ctrl + o (open quick switcher), it will list your 10 most recently opened notes.

Edit: There was a typo in the first version of my post - corrected! Thanks, @CawlinTeffid !

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Quick Switcher is ctrl + o. (Ctrl + p opens Command Palette.)


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