How to style one document with CSS?

What I’m trying to do

I want to increase the distance between paragraphs, but only for one document, not globally. I know with CSS this can be done with margin-bottom:1em; or padding-bottom:1em.

Things I have tried

I tried snippets but they apply to all documents. I also tried front-matter but did not find out how to make apply CSS code from there.

I searched the forum but I did not understand everything, especially how people applied their CSS.

I googled and asked Copilot but results tell me to apply snnippets or gave me something without telling me to apply it to one specific document.

Thanks for help!

Optional Full-width note (CSS) might be the solution. Investigating this and if I was successful, I will answer myself.

A custom cssclass will work for this. How the CSS is written will depend on what you exactly want to do, but the most basic would be:

.big-para {
    /* rules here */

And in the YAML of the note(s) you want to change:

cssclasses: big-para
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Yeah, I found that out as well. The trick is cssclasses inside front matter and having one or more snippets using CSS classes from front matter to format notes. Thank you.

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Glad it worked out.

Yeah, sorry about the editing thing. Once you are around a bit longer, it will be fine to make multiple edits.

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