How to style file navigator scrollbars?

What is the CSS selector to style the scrollbars in the file navigator?

I’m using the Red Graphite theme and it doesn’t seem to have a scrollbar style applied, but the scrollbars are almost exactly the same color as the file navigator background. This makes it impossible to detect where I am relative to the remaining content and makes it difficult to know where to click to rapidly scroll.

I’ve looked at other themes and tried adding the following in a separate scrollbars.css snippet (that is activated in the Appearance settings) but none of these approaches work: (these came from looking at other themes, and these aren’t the size/colors I want I’m just trying to get literally any color change at first)

:root {
  --scrollbar-bg:  yellow !important;
  --scrollbar-thumb-bg: red !important;


.nav-files-container {
  scrollbar-width: thin;
  scrollbar-color: yellow !important;


::-webkit-scrollbar {
  width: 15px !important;
  border-color: yellow;

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