How to structure your Obsidian Vault so that it speaks to you like a mentor?

I would like to have Obsedian being like a mentor talking to me everytime I navigate the Notes.

To do so, would you advise a specific methodology as far as content management is concerned, such as:

  1. What methodology do you use to decide if content should be kept on the current note or should be created as a New note?

  2. Is there a special cognitive way/content managent approach to create links and connect Notes so that it generates this “discussion with a mentor” approach.


I have this problem all the time. For newer things I’m noodling on, the notes get long as I’m not really sure what something is about or how I should chop it up. At some point, part of the note kind of clumps together and I can see that it is a separate thing.

At some point, I think to myself, I want to refer to this section separately from the other sections, so it becomes a new note I can refer to alone.

The exception to this is notes that define a concept or phrase. Like I have one for “Service Design”, which is lame and will probably become something more later. I have another for the concept of “Psychic Numbing” that defines the concept. Not really into psychology, so, that’ll probably just stay a definition linked ot from a coupke of notes where it came up.

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