How to stop the Dreaded space before dash / bullet?

- here is a Normal Indent
	- with a visible vertical line too!
- but very often what happens on accident (especially w pasting):
 - ⬅️a space before a dash
- screwing up all my outlines.

some regex / plugins (Linter) can fix it after, but Is there a way to prevent it altogether?

funny, when I pasted the above without codeblocks it was formatted correctly (without the space). Obsidian please implement whatever this website implements!

This strikes me as not a common problem, so I’d look at solutions at the copy stage. What in your process is causing extra spaces at the starts of lines?

Really? I feel like it shows up in almost half of my thousands of notes. The biggest culprit is probably copy and paste from websites.

Linter can convert them to a tab, but I’d rather they be deleted.
Regex can delete them, but seems to ruin codeblocks, yaml that relies on indented 2 spaces.

I just reproduced it on my first try. I copied my first post above (the part out of codeblocks). Paste into a new note, that works fine.

But because I like to do everything in bullets, I went to a new note, but started with a bullet. I paste after the bullet, and the next line becomes the space bullet.

Linter and “Paste Mode” plugins look like they have solutions for this, but I can’t get either to solve the problem.

UPDATE oooh… doesnt happen in sandbox!.

Grrr… Turned outliner, paste mode, & linter off, restart obsidian, and its fixed. Turn them back on… Still fixed. I swear I’ve been dealing with this since day 1 with obsidian!

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