How to stack tabs

What I’m trying to do

I want to use stacked tabs. Had success yesterday. Today not. Yesterday I was able to stack a whole folder of notes. And a selection of notes. Don’t remember how I did it. Today tried selecting a group with stacked tabs toggled. No luck. Tried dragging a file at a time to the middle pane. Nope. To the tab bar. Tag name inserted in name of a file already open.

Things I have tried

I searched the forum. Found items related to various aspects of tab stacking. But none about exactly how to stack tabs. Also read documentation about stacked tabs. That left me still groping.

Per tab group. :wink:


Thanks. I haven’t ventured into split panes yet. I guess my question was actually not how to stack tabs. What I was hoping for was a way to open multiple notes, e.g., a selected group of notes with a single command.

If you select multiple files in the Obsidian file explorer, you can drag them to the + icon in the tab header, and open all of them at the same time.

Put another way, with multiple files selected you can either drag them into the current note to make links to them from that note, or you can drag them to the right of your opened tabs (aka the plus icon) and open each of them in separate tabs.

( Even more precise, when you start dragging them towards the tab header, you’ll see the pointer with text changes from “# files, insert as link” to “# files, open as tab”, and there is a blue line indicating where it’ll insert the files in the tab header)

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Thank you very much. Very helpful. At first I saw no way to get several notes open in tabs. By accident I discovered that holding down the Cmd key while opening a note it is possible to get several files open in tabs. But one at a time is a drag. I couldn’t imagine that there wasn’t a more convenient way.

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