How to split panes on mobile

Things I have tried

I tried searching the Discord, release notes, and the forum for any new changes to the ability to split panes in Obsidian Mobile.

What I’m trying to do

I used to regularly split panes using the split down (split horizontal) command via a toolbar button I added. But, it hasn’t been working since v1.4.0. The button and even command palette split down command don’t split the panes, but they do appear to separate the items in the Tab list by lines, so something is happening.

I must be misunderstanding something. Has anyone else run into this or know how to properly split panes now? Thanks in advance.

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Oh wow, i can confirm that i also im unable to split pane in the mobile (im using 1.4.0 (78))

I used to be able to do so. Didn’t notice because hasn’t been working on mobile lately.


Pane splitting was removed on mobile. It works on tablets.

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I appreciate it. Good to know. Although it probably doesn’t make too much sense to feature request this now, I made one just in case: Split Down command for Obsidian Mobile on phone

if you know that it isn’t in the cards, I’d be happy to remove it. Let me know. Thanks again!

Is there a way to force Obsidian to tablet mode on mobile?

For now I’m using a downgraded version because it is impossible to move cards between Kanbans without the Split Pane. It’s essential to my daily use case.

Now I’m afraid that I’ll have to stuck to an older version of Obsidian forever.

Edit: I managed to force Obsidian into Tablet mode on Smartphone by putting my phone Minimum Width resolution to 720dp. Now Pane Splitting is working again! Yay!

Things get tiny, but at least I can use it again =/

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