How to show only a section of a sidebar note

What I’m trying to do

I have a home note with several sections. I have it pinned to the sidebar, but because it is so long, it has a scrollbar. I want to pin it several times and only show a portion/section/header in each pinned/sidebar note. Is this possible, or I’m forced to split it?

You can choose to embed just one section from another note, and then pin that note with the embedded note.


Not as ergonomic as I wanted, but I think it is good enough.
Still better than splitting the note, easier editing.

What do you mean that is not as ergonomic?

This solution allows for custom styling as each pinned note can have dedicated css styling allowing for custom layout and colors when in the sidebar and so on?

Wit ergonomic I mean that it is not as comfortable/easy to use, or that requires more steps than I would desire.

I was expecting something like the canvas:

  1. Pin a note
  2. Right click
  3. Select the section to focus

I agree that your solution allow more customization

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