How to show HTML-Comments in Obsidian

What I’m trying to do

  • I want to see html comments in my documents.

Before I started using Obsidian, I had been working with markdown for a very long time. Now when I open my “old” files, I don’t see the html comments.

Even when I switch to source view, the comments are not displayed.

How can I make it so that I can see my comments again?

Things I have tried

  • New Theme
  • searching the configuration options.

This it what it looks like in vim:

This is it, what it look like in obsidian (even in sourcemode)

Any suggestions?


There is something explicitly hiding comments, either a theme/plugin you use OR one of your CSS snippets if any. I tested in my vault and comments appear just fine.

You can clearly see that the line number 9 in the above screenshot is overlapped with line number 10, so something is turning comments invisible via CSS.

You can try disabling CSS snippets one by one, then try changing the theme to the default Obsidian theme, and then try disabling plugins one by one.

Thanks for giving some hints. I thought it is a normal behavior. But it is not!

The Plugin: Ultimate Todoist Sync screwed it up! Gonna write a bugreport right now!

Thanks a lot!

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