How to show code block window at full size?

I use Dataview Plugin! it allows me to execute certain code blocks to view lists and tables etc. as you know!
I am executing a code block that should show me 5 or 6 columns! but since each one of them is large (because they contain text blocks and not just single numbers or small text strings), Obsidian shows me only 2 columns!

HOW to resize the code block preview window so it shows all data/columns at full-size? is there any CSS snippet code to fix that or a Plugin?

Thank you!!

To start, check the behavior in default theme.
What happens in default theme?
Maybe you’re using a theme not optimized to tables.

Actually I am only using the default theme! I just installed Obsidian (I have a new computer)! the only modifications I did was to install Dataview and Outliner plugins!

Better if you show us what happens in your case.

See this example in default theme:

Yes sorry!
here are the images!
I expect to have 4 columns.

You’re not new in Obsidian. So, when you start we don’t have the Live Preview.

I hate LP :slight_smile: … New users think the LP is the main view, but you know that isn’t true. We have the raw view (the source mode - the old edit view) and the reading view (the render view). LP is a annoying middle place with a lot of limitations…

When we try to debug things we need to use the source view and the reading view, not the LP.

Change to the reading view and you’ll see the result!

You’re right!
Honestly, I stopped using Obsidian for a while! and it is even the first time I am embedding a Table with code blocks.

I am sorry.

Thank you very much!

Prego, non c’è problema. :slight_smile:

A point of style in English writing. Exclamation marks (“!”) denote surprise, something unexpected or perhaps amusing. The punctuation you’re looking for is the period (“.”) which marks the end of the sentence with no other implication.

I hope you take this advice in the spirit it was intended - helpful, not snarky.

Thank you
I appreciate it. I will try to improve my English writing.

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