How to share (free)

I am creating a vault that one day I would like to share, at least some folders.
I know there is a cloud feature on the Obsidian server but it is paid for.
Is there a possibility of using my own php server or cloud service to share my notes as a site, similarly?

If the paid feature you’re referring to is Obsidian Publish, yes there are some alternatives (free and but some could still be paid I think :thinking:)…
A quick search for “publish” (or “share”) in the list of Community plugins currently available could give you some ideas :blush:. See here

If you search “Obsidian static site generator” you’ll find a list of tools and suggestions. Examples: Static site generator - Fork My Brain

It doesn’t necessarily need to be integrated directly into Obsidian. Some of those tools could likely be configured to work on the file structure of your notes.

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