How to share a note(s) with one other person that uses obsidian?


My partner and I both use obsidian and we were was wondering if anyone knows of a way to share a few notes between us that we can both edit. We don’t want to share entire vaults, just a few notes kinda like a google doc situation.

Ideally, the notes shared can be accessed from within each of our vaults but will sync between them. These notes should be private and not shared publically.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

The way I had set something similar for my teammates:

  • Made a shared dropbox folder that everyone can access
  • Dropbox folder is opened as a Vault by each of the teammates
  • Files are put in/out of the shared Dropbox folder

Note: Dropbox and detect duplication errors if you simultaneously edit a file.

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In addition to above:

  1. Create the folder in the vault, for example “Shared”. The idea is that this folder is within the existing vault but one or several levels less in hierarchy than the root.
  2. Share this folder with the others with any tool that supports direct folder sync, for example Syncthing or NextCloud.
  3. You are all set.
  4. If you have the main vault stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Sync (or whatever cloud provider) you can share this folder from there, no additional software is required.
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I like “folder” idea. I don’t currently share notes with colleagues (except a very few which I copy over as Markdown files), but I do have a +Inbox folder that syncs with my cellphone & laptop, so notes I make on the road are immediately available in Obsidian.