How to setup Readwise export?

I do not get how the readwise export works. The following is what I see when I add the Obsidian export in Readwise:

I don’t understand where this information is supposed to end up. Do I need a Obsidian subscription for it to appear somewhere (note, there is no mention of username or anything)? The Readwise interface mentions opening the app, but I have opened it and nothing happens. This is so strange.

Normally, I would assume this is a cloud-to-cloud sync, so I would assume I would need a subscription in Obsidian, but it is not mentioned anywhere.

Hi, you need to install the official Readwise plugin in Obsidian itself - see GitHub - readwiseio/obsidian-readwise: Official Readwise plugin for Obsidian. The settings you showed are then used by the plugin. Or if you want, this video goes through the process -

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