How to set the <div class="view-header"> always show?

What I’m trying to do

I want keep title visible when scrolling down note. The

will show the title and the directory when the mouse hovers it.
I would like to set the title always show.

Things I have tried

It should be sovled by CSS, but i do not know how to write, anybody can help me?

Are you using the Minimal theme by any chance? I think its default is to hide the tab title bar. If you are using this theme, then do the following:

  • First make sure Settings > Appearance > Show title bar is enabled
  • Then go to Settings > Style Settings > Minimal > Titles > Tab title bar, and change it to “Visible” (it’s most likely set to “Hover only” currently).

This do require that you’ve installed the Style settings plugin alongside with the Minimal theme.

I’m unsure if other themes uses the same kind of setup, so if you’re not using Minimal theme I’m not sure how to do this in your setup. If this is the case, please inform us of what theme you’re using, and whether you’ve already enabled the “Show title bar” from the first step above.

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