How to set a value to a metadata by running dataview query

What I’m trying to do

I have two kinds of notes

  1. Book - these are all tagged as “book”
  2. Book events - these are all tagged as “book-event/borrowed”, or “book-event/started” … etc. Each book event notes has a link to one of the books. So it’s a one-to-many relationship (one book - many events). Each event also has a field “timestamp”

I’m trying to write a query that will display all the books and their latest timestamp

Things I have tried

With this below query, I’m able to find the latest event, but it’s only for one book. I place this query in every Book.

table without id event-name
from [[]]
sort timestamp desc
limit 1

Now, I want to see the latest event of every book in one note as a table.

How can I run this for every book? Or maybe there’s a way store the value of this query in some field, then have a separate dataview query that displays this new field? Is there a different plugin that’d do the trick?


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