How to select all div object between two header?

How to select all div object between two headers?

I want to select any “div” items between two headers.
In this example:

I want to select “div” items between header(3-2) and between header(3-2) and padding-left the text as the header on the top of this selection.

Is this somewhat related to ur other post here (How to indent the body text according to the header? - #7 by diobrando)?

I’m not sure abt select any (specific div) but u can select all divs after h3 by using the following (high level) css

.el-h3 ~ div { ... }

As per the other post, this will need contextual typography plugin (giving html layout the .el-xxx classes above).

Also note that the above applies to all items after .el-h3 (when u have more than one h3 heading). U can specify further by targeting h3 with specific title like below

.el-h3[data-heading="Journal"] ~ div { ... }

The above assumes u r targeting h3 with title “Journal”

Perhaps a demo using word processor of what u want to achieve can help others to understand and contribute to solve ur issues

Yes, is related.
If I use your first code, the padding-left add all next div like an infinite stair.
I cant use the second code, but the problem it’s the same.

i hope this is what u want to achieve? worth noting two things

  1. as mentioned in the other post, this would require contextual typography plugin (so far there’s no way around it)
  2. i use margin-inline-start as i feel it is safer (if u use padding, it might not look great if u decide to do border or background later on. also margin-left would do fine as well)

css for test paragraph 2. this require a bit more complicated css coding, but it will adjust for all elements “sub” of the header 3

.el-h3 ~ div:not(div[data-tag-name^="h"]) {
    margin-inline-start: 1.5em;

css for test paragraph 3. this one less complicated (targeting only <p> elements “under” header 3) but easier to duplicate in case u need to do the same for h2 or h4 and so on.

.para-adjust2 .el-h3 ~ div > p {
    margin-inline-start: 1.5em;

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The first code doesn’t work, don’t change anything.
The second code keeps all line at the same padding, look.

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