How to see connections other than using the local graph and backlinks panes

Things I have tried

  • Using dataview
  • Searching the help vault
  • Searching the new community vault

What I’m trying to do

Local graph allows me to see connections between my current note and other notes by identifying either direct linking or linking via [[internal links]] and/or #tags. I would like to see these connections in an individual pane as can be done via the Backlinks pane.

In other words, I would like to see a list of connected notes based on [[linked keywords]] rather than just a backlink.

For example, let’s say I’m writing a draft paper in Obsidian and I have my draft open. In my draft, if I link the keyword [[sustainability]] I would like to see other notes that link the word [[sustainability]] without having to create and open a file called “Sustainability” just to view connected articles via the Backlinks pane and in a listed format versus the format in the Local graph

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can adjust the local graph settings to control how many steps are visible in the local graph. If you change it to 2, then you’d see the missing sustainability note and any other notes that also link to it.

With this dataview query you can see per Note, which other notes are linking to it (you only need to specify a folder name). It answers the question of your title, but it doesn’t work for links to files that don’t exist unfortunately.

TABLE WITHOUT ID (inlink + " (" + length( + ")") AS Receiver, link(sort( AS Sender
FROM "<folder name>"
WHERE file.outlinks
FLATTEN file.outlinks AS inlink 
GROUP BY inlink
SORT length( DESC

A similar thing can be done for tags:

TABLE WITHOUT ID (tag + " (" + length( + ")") AS Topic, link(sort( AS Note
FROM "<folder name>"
WHERE file.tags 
FLATTEN file.tags AS tag 
SORT length( DESC

Thanks—yes, of this I am aware and find it handy! But what I’m asking for is a way to display these connections in a list similar to the way backlinks are listed. I appreciate your reply :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will play with this and let you know if it works for what I’m trying to do! I appreciate your reply.

What is the advantage of the linked keyword system you are using and using tags? If you changed [[sustainability]] to #sustainability would you get what you want?

In my opinion, an advantage would be that it removes some steps/friction while writing a paper.

For example, let’s say I’m working on a paper called Draft 1.

I start typing a paragraph and at some point introduce [[keyword 1]]. Automatically, a list of notes could appear in a sidebar that also have a link for [[keyword 1]]. The list could be expanded or collapsed under [[keyword 1]]. If I continue typing and introduce [[keyword 2]], a second collapsible list of notes using [[keyword 2]] appears.

The local graph provides such visibility, but in a way that (for me) is more cumbersome than a simple list of notes with [[linked]] keywords in common. It also quickly becomes crowded the more keywords I use.

Tags are useful as well, but would require additional steps. I could search #keyword1 to see a list of notes with that tag, but would have to search #keyword2 separately, increasing friction and steps.

I could also use Dataview (and often do) or use a simple query block to generate a list of articles with the linked or tagged keywords, but that again increases friction/steps.

Finally, I could create an MOC/index note for each linked/tagged keyword, but this yet again requires me to leave Draft 1/open a new pane in order to have visibility on notes that are connected via [[keyword]] or #keyword.

Maybe I’m being picky, but this would be an awesome quality of life feature, helping me to improve efficiency and workflow.

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Can you use search? Have your working doc in one pane. Search for the keyword and flip through those results in a second pane?

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I mean, I could use search, but I’m kinda keen for there to be a more automated way, i.e., whenever I link a keyword in a draft, a collapsible list in the sidebar pops up with all notes that have linked that keyword. I link the next keyword in my same draft, and another list pops up beneath the first, and so on.

Maybe I’m asking for too much haha, but I feel like the capability is already there with the local graph, it’s just transforming that into a list instead of a graph.

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