How to see backlinks in Graph view?

Hi !

I’ve been looking everywhere for this but i can seem to find the solution. Here is my problem :

I have this [[SUBJECT 1]] that I write a lot about in my daily notes. If i go to the [[SUBJECT 1]] page i can find all the backlinks towards the blocks inside the pages that it’s referenced in. And in a couple of those backlinks is also referenced a [[SUBJECT 2]] for example as :

"Sept 20th, 2021

(indentated) - [[SUBJECT 1]] impacts [[SUBJECT 2]]"

For now the graph shows me the relationship between the page and the links it contains so :

[[Sept 20th, 2021]] <—> [[Subject 1]]
[[Sept 20th, 2021]] <—> [[Subject 2]]

Which is not very helpful…
Is there a way to see this relationship (witch exists in the backlinks) in a graph form ?

Something like :
[[Subject 1]] <—> [[Subject 2]]

Or do i actually have to go to [[SUBJECT 1]] page and write down [[SUBJECT 2]] and vice versa ? And if so could someone tell me the point of the graph organisation if it’s not to link things on the idea level and not on the category level…?

Or maybe there is something that I should change in my workflow in order for this to work ? A workaround ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

I believe the Breadcrumbs plugin will do what you’re after (though I don’t use it personally and don’t know how much customization or frontmatter it requires).

Graph view has the Groups option, in which you can color pages matching a given search criteria. So if you’re able to search for the thing you want to stand out, it can color it for you.

In your case it seems like the following search matches what you’re looking for:

line: ([[Subject 1]] [[Subject 2]])

This searches for links to “Subject 1” and “Subject 2” on the same line. If you add this search term under Graph view > Settings > Groups (new group), pages matching this should be colored red (or whatever color you choose for them.

Thanks ! I’m trying to understand how to use Breadcrumbs in order to do this but i can’t seem to figure it out…
If anyone has an idea ?

I’m not sure it can work because what I’m looking for is to discover (or rediscover) the relationship between different links on the same page/block. Not they’re relationship to the page itself…
I d like to be able to write on page [[X]] :
[[John]] is a [[man]].
And see the link between [[John]] and [[Man]] … Not just the link between [[John]] and [[X]] or [[Man]] and [[X]]…

And this without having to go to [[John]] and write :
[[John]] is a [[man]]
and then go to [[Man]] and write :
A [[Man]] is [[John]].

And i maybe mistaken but from what i understand Breadcrumbs needs me to populate on each page : this is a parent / a sibling / or an infant… Right ?

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