How to see/activate the "mobile toolbar"?


[x ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.1
New installation (no plugins, no CSS)

I can’t see/activate the “mobile toolbar”. In “Settings > Mobile” I see the “Configure mobile Quick Action” and “Manage toolbar options”. But the mobile toolbar isn’t shown.

At the bottom of the editor screen, there is (since redesign / version 1.0) a new ‘toolbar’ (with back/forward, plus, tab and menu-icon for former pane-ribbon commands), but this is not the ‘mobile toolbar’.

How do I get the configurable mobile toolbar back?


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The “mobile toolbar” appears as soon as you click into the text field either in “Source Mode” or “Live Preview”. I think there’s no option to always show it at the moment.

OK - thanks! I’m using Obsidian mobile only ‘readonly’ (in Reading Mode), so i missed that …)

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I can use the toolbar on iPhone but I can’t seems to find it in iPad. Any idea how to activate it?

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