How to search in note titles i.e filenames

Recently switching from Evernote to Obsidian, I just make notes with title and content as usual. I just noticed the search does not return results if it is only in the title not content. Am I missing something very obvious here?



I think the operator is file:. Use that to search note titles. (Not at my desktop to check, sorry!)


It worked, thanks. Now it is limited to filename. I was hoping the search finds the word or phrases in filename and/or content as I am used to it in evernote. I could add my title to first line of my notes but then it looks redundant.


For sure. We may see search queries evolve over time to accommodate that kind of use-case.

For now, you can probably run file:(some text) OR (some text) or similar to search both simultaneously.


how to search something in the same file? if query is embed

I highly recommend the Omnisearch Plugin.

It’s the best; it makes the search feature “just work.”

They’re also developing features to make the plugin index pdfs!