How to search for folder name

How do I search for a folder with a particular name?

My use case: I have a folder structure for meeting minutes. The folder name is the name of the person. Each note in the folder is the meeting minutes.

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Use path:someFolder in your search. You can combine this with other search terms.

path: seem to match not only folder names, but also file names. Is there a way to only search a specific folder even if there are files in other folders that match that folders name?

Real world example: I’ve a folder called persons and want to color those notes red in my graph. But path:persons also includes a lot of files from other folders where persons is a part of the file name.

Not at the moment, sorry!

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Ok. A workaround is to rename folders to start with a x. I’ll try that.

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Or emoji or symbols, e.g.,

(Make sure these work with your systems. Some services dislike certain characters in filenames—Dropbox in particular.)